Bail bond service in Idaho Falls, Rexburg & Twin Falls, ID

Have you ever been awakened in the middle of the night to a call from one of your friends who's been arrested and taken to jail? Chances are, you answer was yes. Whether you or your friend has been taken to jail, the first question is most likely, “Who should I call first?” That’s where Teton Bail Bonds steps in.

No one understands better than we do that unfortunate events can happen. If you or someone you know ends up in a tight spot, turn to the premier bail bond company in Idaho, serving Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Twin Falls.

Don’t spend the night in jail

It’s completely normal to feel helpless or overwhelmed when you or someone you know is taken to jail. At Teton Bail Bonds, we offer guidance and assistance during this stressful time. Being arrested is scary enough, don’t add to the nightmare by spending the night behind bars. Our goal is to keep all of our clients from having to spend any more time in jail than necessary. That’s why we offer 24 hour bail bondsman service for your convenience.

Give us a call anytime, day or night, and we’ll be there to help.

Bail bondsmen you can trust

After spending years serving in law enforcement and the court system, our owner/operator Kelly Circle realized there was a need for a reliable bail bond service in the area. In 2005, he started Teton Bail Bonds. Since then, he has been providing assistance for those who find themselves in jail with service areas from Wyoming to Idaho.

We all make mistakes. And we understand that getting someone out of jail as quickly as possible is a top priority so that he or she can get back to normal life. Don’t attempt to navigate the legal system on your own. Instead, partner with Teton Bail Bonds, a company you can trust to be on your side. We will reunite you with your loved ones in no time.

We pride ourselves on our experience in working with all courts, attorneys, sheriff’s departments, parents, friends and family of loved ones who are currently in jail. Whether you’re from the Idaho area or visiting, we will be there to help you get you or your friend out of jail as quickly as possible.

What are you waiting for?

Get out of jail fast, with Teton Bail Bonds serving Idaho Falls, Rexburg and Twin Falls, ID today.


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